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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho

  Description A smart, athletic, who handles anything perfectly and unequalled beautiful girl, dies young due to a car accident. And now, while possessing the memories of her previous life, she reincarnated in a fantasy-ish different world with swords and magic! All lives were dependant of magicians, however, their numbers decreased every year due to the magic power (mana) scattered around the world running out, thus the reliance on magic for living was coming to an end. A story that will lead to the life of a girl relying the knowledge of her previous life, as she proposes a way to live even without the use of magic while seeking for what it is, and aiming for a wealthier life. >>CLICK HERE TO START READING<< Alternative Names Highspec Highschool Girl's Parallel World Reincarnation – Aiming for a More Abundant Livelihood! Resume of a Reincarnated Gir lハイスペック女子高生の異世界転生 より豊か Related Series You May Also Like The Boss Behind The Game (Ongoing) Marginal Operation (Ongoing)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Description An unforeseen encounter caused Su Chen to go blind. However, even when being dealt one of the most tragic situations of the mortal realm, Su Chen is unwilling to give up and fights on. He wants to use his own efforts, for himself, and for humanity to establish a new future. >>CLICK HERE TO START READING<< Alternative Names DTPB Primordial Blood Throne 原血神座 Related Series You May Also Like The Magician Wants Normality (Ongoing) Picture Book of My First Love (Ongoing) Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon (Taegyu) (Ongoing) Sono Mugen no Saki (Ongoing) Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? (Completed) Type Web Novel Genre Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Mystery Psychological Romance School Life Xianxia Xuanhuan Tags Academy Alchemy Antihero Protagonist Assassins Beasts Beautiful Female Lead Blackmail Bloodlines Body Tempering Bullying Calm Protagonist Character Growth Clever Protagonist Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Determined Protagonist Disabilities Enemies Become

Moon’s Labyrinths

  Description His friend and his wife betrayed him. The only thing left to him was his massive debt and his precious daughter. He was without hope as he lived at the bottom. However, a last chance had come to Sungyoon. He was a ‘man without a heartbeat’, and he will explore the Moon’s Labyrinth. He’ll explore the parts of the dungeon yet to be seen! >>CLICK HERE TO START READING<< Alternative Names 달의 미궁 Moon's Labyrinths Related Series You May Also Like The Portal of Wonderland (Ongoing) Empress with no Virtue (Completed) Gyarugewe no Sekai yo, Youkoso! (Ongoing) It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor (Ongoing) Transcending Evolution (Ongoing) Type Web Novel Genre Action Drama Fantasy Harem Seinen Slice of Life Tragedy Tags Age Regression Appearance Different from Actual Age Artifacts Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Cautious Protagonist Cold Protagonist Cute Children Dense Protagonist Determined Protagonist Doting Parents Dungeons Fast Learner Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working

It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

  Description Sun Hao traveled to a world of cultivating immortals. Unable to cultivate, he practices the guqin, chess, calligraphy, poetry, wine, and flower tea are all in the supreme realm. He didn’t know: The pet on his farm was the Nine Heavens God Luan. The lotus in the pond is a peerless demon. The guard outside the door is the ruler of Thunder Tribulation. Later, he discovered: The swordsman who picked up his broken hatchet became the peerless generation of swordsman; the scholar who often listened to him to chant became the ancestor of Buddhism; the girl who came to learn to play the guqin with him became the supreme demon clan. … Sun Hao sat on the throne of Heavenly Emperor, with a shocked expression on his face: Am I a Dao Ancestor? I take the heaven and the earth as the disc and all beings as my sons, and create a shocking situation? I do not know how? Note: Machine translated novel... >>CLICK HERE TO START READING<< Alternative Names 原来我是道祖 Related Series You M

Wortenia Senki (LN)

  Description High school student Mikoshiba Ryouma was summoned to a different world for the sake of helping his summoner wage wars. Sensing the malice from the one who summoned him, he reacted by killing the summoner, one of the most important people in the empire. After the escape, he rescues a pair of twin sisters from the hands of bandits. The sisters who can use magic, swear to serve him as subordinates. Thus, Ryouma begins his journey on the path of the supreme ruler. >>CLICK HERE TO START READING<< Alternative Names Record of Wortenia War (LN) ウォルテニア戦記 (LN) 沃特尼亚战记 Related Series You May Also Like Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Ongoing) Primordial Blood Throne (Ongoing) Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa (Completed) Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties (Ongoing) Descent of the God of Magic (Ongoing) Type Light Novel Genre Action Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Shounen Tags Adapted to Manga Arrogant Characters Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Discrimin