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My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected

  Description Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. is a romantic comedy which revolves around antisocial high school student, Hachiman Hikigaya, who has no friends, no girlfriend, and a severely distorted view on life. When he sees his classmates talking excitedly about living their adolescent lives, he mutters, “They’re a bunch of liars.” When he is asked about his future dreams, he responds, “Not working.” In an attempt to fix Hachiman’s twisted personality, his teacher forces him to join the volunteer ‘service club’, where the only other member happens to be one of the school’s most beautiful and smartest girls, Yukino Yukinoshita. ==> CLICK HERE TO START READING <== Alternative Names Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatte Iru Oregairu Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatte Iru Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machiga Related Series Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai GJ Bu Hyouka Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de Kokoro Connect You May Also Like Ja

Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha (LN)

  Description Rentt Faina, a twenty-five-year-old adventurer, has been hacking away at monsters for a decade. However, without much talent for the job, Rentt finds himself stuck hunting Slimes and Goblins for meager amounts of coin every day. Little does he know, all this is about to change when he comes across a seemingly undiscovered path in the Labyrinth of the Moon’s Reflection. What awaits him at the end of the path, however, is neither treasure nor riches, but a legendary dragon that wastes no time swallowing him whole! Waking up a short time later, Rentt finds himself not quite dead, but not very alive either— He is nothing more than a pile of bones! Armed with nothing but his trusty sword, tool belt, and ghoulish new looks, Rentt sets off on his quest as a newly reborn Skeleton to achieve Existential Evolution, hoping to one day return to civilization with a more human form. Will Rentt succeed, or will the labyrinth consume him for the rest of his un-death…? ==> CLICK HERE T

Ascendance of a Bookworm (LN)

  Description A bookworm who had finally found a job as a librarian at a university was sadly killed shortly after graduating from college. She was reborn as Myne, the daughter of a soldier in a world where the literacy rate is low and books were scarce. No matter how much she wanted to read, there were no books around. What is a bookworm to do without any books? Make them, of course. Her goal is to become a librarian! So that she may once again live surrounded by books, she must start by making them herself. ==> CLICK HERE TO START READING <== Alternative Names Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen La Petite Faiseuse de Livres (LN) 本好きの下剋上 ~司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません~ 책벌레의 하극상 Related Series You May Also Like The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML (Ongoing) King of Gods (Completed) Cold Light (Completed) Kure-nai (Ongoing) The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner (Ongoing) Type Light Novel Genre Adventure Comedy Drama F

Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN)

  Description Felmenia Stingray was a genius magician. She quickly became the most distinguished magician of the Astel Kingdom after her discovery of white fire magic, which had the power to burn anything. However, the world is in peril due to the Demon King. The kingdom’s court magicians perform a summoning ritual for heroes and bring forth a hero and two youths, a boy and a girl. Unlike the girl, the young man refused to fight the Demon King alongside the Hero and demanded to be sent back to his world. The kingdom, angry with his behavior, locked him away. Now Felmenia stands before the young man with her strongest magic, the white flame, being completely useless and asks who he is. It was already obvious to her that this man was far stronger than she was. To this he simply responds. “Yakagi Suimei, a magician.” ==> CLICK HERE TO START READING <== Alternative Names The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! (LN) 異世界魔法は遅れてる! (LN) Type Light Novel Genre Action Adventure Com