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The Blind Concubine

Description A blind concubine lives in the cold palace. The blind concubine has a snow white cat. Day after day, year after year, he lives quietly in the courtyard of the cold palace. It is as if he has already been forgotten by the entire imperial palace. Until one day, the young emperor accidentally chances upon him… Alternative Names 瞎娘娘 Xia Niangniang Related Series Body Language Cold Sleep Empress with no Virtue Feng Yu Jiu Tian To Be A Virtuous Wife You May Also Like Kaguya – Tsuki no Usagi no Gin no Hakobune (Ongoing) LV999 Villager (Ongoing) Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs (Ongoing) Three Days of Happiness (Completed) CEO Above, Me Below (Ongoing) Type Web Novel Genre Drama Historical Psychological Romance Tragedy Yaoi Tags Ancient China Blind Protagonist Caring Protagonist Doting Love Interests First-time Interc**rse Kind Love Interests Love At First Sight Love Interest Falls in Love First Male Yandere Misunderstandings Mysterious Past Past Plays a Big Role Poisons Politics Po

Empress Running Away with the Ball!

  Description On the wedding night, she was tied to his bed. “Woman, you dare marry another man!” He was like a wolf as he devoured her until nothing was left. “So the person forcing me into bed was you! You beast in human skin!” She clenched her teeth as she pushed against the wall to stand out of the bed. She, a king from modern times, was reborn. All those that owed her had to pay blood debts. But this king of evildoers, she had obviously not seen him before. Yet, she had to repay him with her body every night…… Alternative Names 娘娘带球跑了! Related Series You May Also Like Together Forever (Ongoing) One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones (Completed) The General’s Little Peasant Wife (Ongoing) Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (Ongoing) The Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds (Ongoing) Type Chinese Novel Genre Action Comedy Fantasy Historical Josei Martial Arts Psychological Romance Tags Amnesia Ancient China Beautiful Female Lead Clever Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Divorce Female Protagonist

Heavenly Jewel Change

  Description In a world where power means everything, and the strong trample the weak; there was a boy born from a Heavenly Jewel Master. Born in a small country which had to struggle to survive, the boy was expected to do great things. Alas he turned out to have blocked meridians and was unable to cultivate, ending up the trash of society. His father’s tarnished pride… his fianceé’s ultimate dishonour…   Being almost accidentally killed and left for the dead, heaven finally smiles upon him as a miracle descends, awakening his potential as a Heavenly Jewel Master. Or… is it truly a gift?   Join our dear rascally and shameless MC Zhou Weiqing in his exploits to reach the peak of the cultivation world, form an army, protect those he loves, and improve his country!   An all new world, an all new power system, unique weaponry & MC! Come join me in laughing and crying together with this new masterpiece from Tang Jia San Shao! Alternative Names HJC Thiên Châu Biến Tian Zhu Bian 天珠变 Rela

The Abandoned Empress

  Description The villainess sees herself executed in front of a large crowd by the order of the emperor (her fiance and the one she loves). However in the next moment after her death, she is back in the past. Monique is sent back into the past because of her brutal memories of her previous life with a prince who was enraged due to their similar age. When the next great Empress grew and looked at it, and the past that had to kill the emotions to live as an Empress remained only a sickening affliction. Where in her next life, she made new connections in order to avoid getting executed again… Alternative Names 捨てられた皇妃 버림 받은 황비 Related Series You May Also Like The Guy Inside Of My Bed (Ongoing) Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Ongoing) God Rank Hero (Ongoing) Wang Ye Captures His Wife (Ongoing) 4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution (Ongoing) Type Korean Novel Genre Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo Tags Abusive Characters Adapted To Manhwa Aristocracy Arranged Marriage Beautiful Female Lead Cruel